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Ursula Delacroix
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PostSubject: A Message from our Sponsor   A Message from our Sponsor I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 10:56 pm

While we here in SCbN like to have fun, there are a few rules we do enforce on our forums and throughout roleplay. Needless to say, all of these rules be followed and, if not, it will result in your immediate removal and IP ban. Please read these carefully and understand that these have been set in place so that all writers can have fun!

You must be 17 or older to roleplay in Saint City at Night as there will be mature subject matter being written here. If we had to rate this site, it would be NC-17. (If you are looking to roleplay V:tM and are not 17 or older, get in touch with the admin and she will direct you to other sites in which you can roleplay.)

We ask that you have a roleplay profile to play. While we don't encourage the use of Out of Character knowledge during roleplay, we like to have detailed information about your character (i.e.: if you are planning on fighting, you have to have stats in order to fight.)

This is a valid Kill Zone authorized by the Moderators' typist (Ursula, Capricia and Mina.) This isn't the Babysitter's Club, vampires and werewolves and other things that murder people in order to survive LIVE HERE. Understand it before coming into the rp.

This is a ROLEPLAYING game. This is not REAL LIFE. Don't mix it together or it will result in your immediate removal.

If you are removed for violating our rules in SCbN, please do not re-register and come back. If we wanted you here, we wouldn't have removed you. Take it like an adult and move on. There are plenty of other roleplaying communities that love drama and would enjoy having you there. We, however, are not one of those and do not tolerate that kind of nonsense.

All that being said, have a great RP!
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A Message from our Sponsor
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