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 an Introduction from the Prince

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an Introduction from the Prince Empty
PostSubject: an Introduction from the Prince   an Introduction from the Prince I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 11:56 pm

an Introduction from the Prince 600full-miranda-kerr-2

I suppose I should bid you welcome to my city...Isn't that wonderful sounding? I do rather like the ring of it. But..I digress...

Hello and welcome to Saint City...or otherwise known as New Orleans to the rest of the mortal world. It is home to a great many people, the true heartbeat of the South, and a haven for a many immortal species. Ranging from Kindred to Garou, Fae to Demons (and even the lesser race of Humans), New Orleans holds such a charm, anyone would be drawn to her warm embrace. I was...

But you will learn about me and my history soon enough...when you come to introduce yourself at Elysium. And you will come to meet me. It is my will and it be done. I do not beg, I demand. You will learn that about this Prince and my City. My hand is in every wallet, my voice is in every head, and you will do well to remember my laws or you will be removed.

You may find my approach to new people as cold, stoic...and that is true. I do not find the idle emotions of humans to be useful, thus I have cast them away. My demeanor, which I, and I alone, have cultivated is to ensure my survival. And cultivation takes devotion and time. Time...what a dear friend of mine. What seems centuries to you would be mere seconds to me. And so, point being, I have an eternity to decide if you are worthy of Saint City...and if you are deemed disreputable, it will only be seconds until your life is extinguished. So, I do so hope you follow the laws set forth...we wouldn't want any trouble, now would we?

Hmm...I find this rather droll. I have others to greet...Run along and remember what I said...

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an Introduction from the Prince
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