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 A wanderer wanders..aimlessly?

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PostSubject: A wanderer wanders..aimlessly?   A wanderer wanders..aimlessly? I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 2:06 am

Cold wet earth under his toes he wiggled them and forced the dirt up and moved it around. The feeling had just started to come back to him. Or rather, it had just begun to register in his mind that he felt things on a physical level once more. How long had he lay dormant? Trapped in a dark place to examine himself until the time had come.

Clearing his throat he muttered to himself “ I am curious as to how much time has passed since my last walk on this earth”
He had locked himself away, for centuries it would seem. Not to get away from the reality of his pitiful endless existence, but to excuse himself from the human race tearing itself apart. It had seemed, in the early 1900’s that Humankind was on a one way path towards destruction, and nothing he could possibly dream of doing would change that. But sleeping had paid a price on this old soul. He had lost his touch to the humanity he so yearned. No more than an ageless power cursed to wander the world in an empty shell, he carried forward. Footsteps taking him through a dank cemetery, he would soon leave his resting place far behind him. It wasn’t long until he realized that the world had changed without him there to witness it. Crazy metallic things passed him by over a hardened surface. Could it be? Had they prospered under their crown of chaos?

That was two years ago…

It had taken him both of those years to get in touch with the bloodline he had left behind. Two years to reconnect with an age old family who would but barely remember him for who he was. And now, he mingled with the rich and wicked. The human race was far from the perfection that his brethren had intended for them thousands of years ago. He had yet to run into any of his kind, and yet he had heard whisperings that there might be some in the southern part of the country he now called home. New Orleans, Louisiana had been his destination it seemed, from the moment he woke. But central Michigan was a long way away, and he couldn’t just whisk himself away to that far away city. But he could drive there. As it turned out, it took him longer to learn how to drive than anything had ever taken him before.

“This just isn’t right. Damnable metal contraptions.. These things will be the death of this body yet.” He had quoted this to a great great grand child of his about six months ago. Turns out he had been nearly right, getting into three accidents in one year.
Hey, its hard to teach an old dog new tricks right?

…. Three days pass

“Im in New Orleans now. Yes Aaron, I just got here. Yeah Ill call you back when I get situated into the hotel. “ a look of frustration on his face “ Aaron..Aaron! Jesus fucking Christ let me talk… Im going to drive around and get a feel for the city.. Oh fuck off, You for damn sure are no parent of mine. Ill call you tomorrow” He hit the button on the dash of his M3 and downshifted as he exited the expressway. “Left or Right? Hmm” He contemplated and then turned right “ You can never go wrong by going right” He smirked at his play on words and drove. Was he really headed in a direction that he had intended? Or was something drawing him down this road. He didn’t know how long he had been driving down the road, but it wasn’t long before he came upon an estate. It seemed aged, and yet held true beauty. Ah the architecture of man. There was always something rugged, no matter how fine the edges, to things the human race created. But true beauty it was never the less. He stopped his car and cut the engine, grabbing the keys, he shut the door and armed the alarm. His horn sounded twice with a ‘ Beep Beep’, and he started walking up the driveway. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to drive his car up this drive, but he felt it was more personal to walk, to get a feel of the land. He much preferred to be out of the metal building and those horrid things they called cars. Oh and you can forget flying, he’d much rather drive or just will himself to be somewhere.

Ash was on the approach. He took the time to fix his hair and straighten his shirt and jacket as he walked. Always dressed as a professional in this age, he was silk from head to toe. A silver necklace with a simple cross pendant hung suspended over the black on black tie and shirt combination. He touched his left index finger to the cross, and caressed it, with the knowledge of what was contained within. An addiction to a human vice he had picked up in the few months he spent partying with some of his relatives.

There was something about this place that made it feel like home. As if something nudged him to go forward, beckon him forth. It called to his soul, to his bones. It wasn’t long before he found himself at a doorway, and he pressed the little summoning button next to it. A doorbell it was called. Ash shifted his weight from his left foot to his right foot and stayed at the doorway, waiting for someone to answer. He could only hope that the reason he was drawn forth was something new and exciting. Or something familiar and amazing, something so amazing that he was left floored. He had hoped and prayed for a long time to reconnect to his kind. Perhaps this was what he was feeling. It had been said that they could always find each other in a crowd, or in an area. Even if he didn’t know it he could happen upon another fallen, another demon. The odds among this were good that it would be someone he knew. The passing moments were absolute turmoil as it seemed like he waited for hours, when in fact it was only a handful of moments. He could feel the heart in his chest thud harder and faster as the tension grew..

“Helloooo? “ he called out as he tried to peer through the window on the door. Maybe no one was home? He didn’t think that this was possible seeming as how he had inadvertently been drawn to this place like a moth to the flame.. So he would wait….
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A wanderer wanders..aimlessly?
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